Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Metro Journal: May 26 Rilakkuma Express!

I went to Lunchmont to meet my former co-workers Joe and Bob for lunch. They were full of tales of woe, but it was great to see them again. Afterwards, I decided to go downtown since I had my day pass. I wasn't sure exactly how to get there, but I knew it was east and half the buses go downtown. It turned out to be easier than I thought. (14 to Vermont/Beverly, where there was a conveniently-located Red Line station!)

I hiked over to Kinokuniya. Their knitting and crochet section may not have contracted since my last visit, but it's definitely not getting up to its former proportions, either. I did find one book, then went to check out the super-cute stationary section.

Rilakkuma keychain They seriously put Rilakkuma and the other San-X characters on, well, everything that has a surface where you can put pictures of cute stuff. Then, I saw it.... It was a retractable Rilakkuma keychain! For use if I ever get another job! They also had a super-cute tote bag with various Mamegoma ("bean seal") characters all over and dressed in a variety of costumes. I loved the bumblebee costume! But it was kind of expensive and I have six billion tote bags, so I passed. But I might still make a bumblebee costume for my little seal.

I then went downstairs and got some goodies at the Marukai market and then shuffled home, albeit in a very circuitous way.

Buses/trains ridden:
  • 780 WB
  • 210 SB
  • 14 EB
  • Red Line
  • walk walk walk
  • Red Line
  • Gold Line
  • 780 WB
I certainly got my day pass's worth.

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