Saturday, March 21, 2009

Other: Oinking Good Fun!

Thursday I had several errands to run, geographically in a loop, so I walked them all. Actually, part of the reason I walked was because evil people on Ravelry had been talking about their favorite treats from their part of the world, so I was motivated to go to Cost Plus World Market (where I found the infamous Star Trek Pez dispensers -- they still had a few left!) and check out their international treats section. I figured I would get a 3-mile head start on the chocolate I would no doubt find there. What I did not expect to find there: Porky Pooper.

porky pooper

You apparently open up the neck, put the "cola flavored candies" in the neck, and then when you depress the tail, a candy, um, pops out the rear. I haven't actually tried it yet, as I feel safer leaving it encased in plastic and paperboard.

Note that this is the keychain version. They also have larger pig and cow versions with brown jelly beans. But apparently the company that distributes them is Canadian, in keeping with the "World Market" bit, located in Quebec. They even put guillemets (French quotation marks) around the name "Porky Pooper" on the back of the package, even though it's all in English.


Fluzz said...

I had a reindeer version of that, it broke after only 3 "poops" :(

Karen said...

Guess Blitzen and all didn't want you playing in their reindeer games.