Friday, March 6, 2009

Other: Name That Obscure Tune!

Yup, still bored. Came across this unattributed meme which requires... reader participation!

*** Rules Clarification ***

Ok, to clarify, I did that shuffle play thing and wrote down the first sentence from the first 26 (should have been 25 but I can't count) songs that I got. You, The Reader, are supposed to try to guess the song and artist for each quoted line and post your guesses in the comments. No cheating via search engines. If someone gets it right, I mark it off the list.
Rules for the blogger:
1. Music library on shuffle, etc. You will use the first 25 songs your player plays.
2. For each song, post only the first sentence of the lyrics. (You may wish to write down the name of each song on a post-it note on your monitor, next to the one with your passwords, your ATM PIN, your Social Security number, etc.)
3. If the first sentence contains the song title, blank it out with "___"
4. If someone guesses correctly, mark that song as identified by editing the original post.

Rules for guessers (readers):
1. No Googling the lyrics! You either know it or not. I suppose you could listen through your entire music library to see if they're there, though.
2. Post your guess (artist and song title) in the comments. Anonymous cowards will be mocked.
Now, as I have all of about 3 loyal readers these days, and that's counting each cat as ½ depending which one is in my lap or sitting next to the keyboard while I'm typing, and I have a rather narrow and sometimes obscure collection, this should take awhile. Or maybe I'll post the link to a Kristin Hersh fan site in which case probably 90% will be answered in no time. Anyway, here we go...
  1. "Oh, please don't be so careless with your glances."
  2. "So you're going cross-country, you're leaving me again."
  3. "Start with your fingers they finger the chain that carries you home in our evenings." "Beestung" by Kristin Hersh, answered by shythylacine on the Wild Vanilla board.
  4. "Orange and blue green and pink, I see you in everything."
  5. "When you're stuck like glue, ___, when you need some goo." "Vaseline" by Elastica - brightyellowboi
  6. "Toil toil toil til I get sick, I try reverse, but I'm not that quick" "Huffer" by The Breeders - brightyellowboi
  7. "The night of the blackout I thought I'm your protege, sticky with the heat and getting stronger every day." "Sally is a Girl" by 50' Wave, again answered by shythylacine on the Wild Vanilla board.
  8. "Like honey in my mouth, gold golden going down. I shudder with wonder at what we will feel like together."
  9. "Bits and pieces of love for you, so sweet and simple yet, I'm frightened by the way you feel." "Trouble" by Lisa Germano - Wojtek over on Wild Vanilla
  10. "Love is a burning thing."
  11. "Am I o.k. to feel this way today?"
  12. "Toe to toe, dancing very close." "Rapture" by Blondie - moschops on Wild Vanilla
  13. "I could be a smack freak and hate society." "Hate My Way" by Throwing Muses - brightyellowboi
  14. "You're so right, he can swim, he can breathe underwater." "Start" by Throwing Muses, shythylacine again!
  15. "Tell me, milk cow, what on earth is wrong with you?"
  16. "I was looking through the portholes out in ___, wondering what the hell I'm going to do."
  17. "The wall is high, the black barn, the babe in my arms, in her swaddling clothes, and I know that the sky will split and the planets will shift."
  18. "I have two heads, where's the man he's late?" "Devil's Roof" by Throwing Muses - brightyellowboi
  19. "You can't depend on anything really, there's no promises, there's no point."
  20. "For a moment I smelled the parlor where we had the last connection with your life."
  21. "Don’t know what’s eating me today, I’m not in love, I’m not missing anyone"
  22. "It start at the top now it's spiraling down."
  23. "Well I drink and I cry, clench your fists, grit my teeth, lotta smoke, wipe my eye"
  24. "And all that matters in the end's all the good times that have been."
  25. "Walking on his highways, we leave the land and float inside the dark, black water."
  26. "I have a ___ nailed to a cross on my apartment wall." "Fish" by Throwing Muses - brightyellowboi

Oops, I lost count and accidentally did 26. But the last one's a gimme, right?


spajadigit said...

I actually don't understand this one...

brightyellowboi said...

Oh i love it!, 5 is vaseline by elastica, 6 huffer the breeders, 13, 18 + 26 are throwing muses! Devils roof, hate my way + fish!