Friday, October 24, 2008

Other: Looking Like a Loony in Cost Plus

Last night I went into the local Cost Plus to get some fancy hot cocoa to send off to random people. I was wandering around and came across.... this:


I burst out in cackling laughter right there and then.

See, I grew up watching the original Star Trek in syndication. This was before the excessively-politically-correct Star Trek: The New Generation, and started even before the movies. Captain Kirk was my hero. I saw every single film in the theater until they moved to the ST:TNG cast.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is one of my all-time comfort movies. During the last two difficult months, I've watched through the boxed set of the original three seasons. Ah... Then I watched the animated series, which I hadn't seen since I was very young and it was still in syndication in the 70s. The other day I watched Star Trek: The Slow Motion Picture. You can actually hit the fast forward button for about half the film and not miss any dialogue or even plot. Because I'm not sure there is a plot.

So, back to the Pez Star Trek Gift Set. Well, yeah, I had to buy one.

P.S. While looking it up on the Pez web site, I noticed on their front page that they had been selling GOP elephant and Democrat donkey plush Pez dispenser keychains. Apparently the donkeys have sold so much better than the elephant that they've had to put the elephants on sale. Now, you could interpret these results as some kind of strange poll, but maybe Republicans just don't do plushy keychains that dispense Pez. And maybe that says something. What, exactly, I'm not sure.

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