Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Knittin' Crap: December Missions

Division My report
Diplomatic: Craft something “fancy” to wear to such an event (evening gloves, a shawl to go with evening dress, jewelry, a Klingon sash) or craft a festive decoration for one of these celebrations. I have engineered these decorative flowers, to be pinned in my short hair, to diplomatic functions. Not only are they attractive, they also function to prevent electronic eavesdropping of any conversations I may have.
Oooh shiny
Engineering: Help the Chief test the replicators. Craft more than one of the same item, craft several similar items to be donated to charity or given as gifts, or craft more than one random item to indicate that the replicator still is not working properly in that area. (Must craft a minimum of 2 items for this mission.) To test the replicator’s ability to make accurate reproductions of edible organic matter, I replicated a pea pod. The one on the left is the original, and the one on the right is the copy. I opened the replicated pod to ensure that the peas were fully formed, and they were.
Medical: It’s a tribble snag ’em-bag ‘em-and-tag ‘em. Craft something to capture the tribbles, to contain them, or to control their growth by inoculating them. Craft a net, a special cage or trap, or a device for inoculating large numbers of tribbles simultaneously. Use your imagination and show us your Starfleet ingenuity. This modified grenade releases a mild general anesthetic that will render tribbles unconscious (not to mention unable to breed) for several hours, during with time they can be more easily collected.
Whiteboard Jungle Warfare
Science: To complete the requirements for class, you must demonstrate your powers of observation. Observe an object and attempt to recreate it. Try to recreate something from a movie, museum, et cetera. Capture the color of a sunset or a stormy day. Recreate an everyday item from an unusual material. I sought to render 3-D likenesses of two NCC-1701 Enterprise era personnel. First I chose Lt. Sulu. I decided for the second portrait to memorialize one of the unsung members of that crew, an Operations-division ensign, except even after researching the crewmember, I totally forgot his name and what he looked like…
Star Trek III: The Search for More Fingers

Peas in a Pod pattern by Hansi Singh
Grenade pattern by Alison Hogg

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