Saturday, December 29, 2012

Misc: Ongoing Experiments

  • Spoon is still on a diet. Spoon is still fat. Need to tweak the parameters of that experiment, probably.
  • I made a blanket for the cats to lie on when on the couch so they wouldn't steal my blanket. I used the same yarn (leftover). It seems to be working. Of course, I put the blanket in their designated area, but maybe once I'm sure they're adequately attached, I'll start moving it to new and exciting places.
  • I got one of those faux-perpetual-motion drinking birds for my boss. We'll see if his boss can tell the difference in their output.
  • The ongoing experiment that was my 13-year-old, massively-lo-def CRT TV has ended with the TV's descent into catatonia. (Power on, a red light starts blinking and won't stop, and no picture. I left it unplugged for several days and no change.) So now I've begun the HD flat screen TV experiment!

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