Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spoonerisms: That Darned Cat! Coda

Shortly after my previous post, I went back out to check on the ready-to-come-inside status. Dipity was against a wall but not behind a bush. I slowly approached, got just close enough so she could sniff my hand... but after a quick whiff, she showed no interest. Then she did a meow-that-turns-into-a-yawn, so I took my chance and grabbed her. Awkwardly. I got her by the scruff of her side (hey, the skin is loose), she let out a blood-curdling howl and nearly removed one of my fingers, but I managed to wrestle her into a secure hold and we went upstairs. (For some reason, she shut up as soon as I had a firm grip, even though she clearly wasn't happy.)

She jumped out of my arms once we were in and visited the food dish. I sat down to untie my shoes. Before I could stand up, she was in my lap. "ZOMG, I was stuck outside and there was this strange woman stalking me and she sounded kind of like you but I know that was just a coincidence and then she grabbed me and I was so scared! I missed you!" Gee, I missed you, too, stupid cat. Then she got down about 30 seconds later for more food and I got up. I ambled to bed and she was snuggling me within a couple minutes.

Hard to stay mad when she makes those big blue goo-goo eyes at me.

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