Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Metro Journal: Mar 7 Highlights and Low-lifes

Highlights of my morning bus ride:

  • Me, with the laptop open, tethered to my phone, because I was running late and, yeah, had to start yet another CMR.
  • The dude audibly snoring.
  • The guy sitting in right behind the driver in that blind spot, holding an open container. And I don't mean an open container of, say, a latte. Unless he had mixed milk in his beer can.
  • The guy who got on the bus without pausing his cell phone conversation. The driver had to tell him to step behind the line. Then he lost his connection (it was downtown Burbank and I know my reception gets spotty there), so then he told the driver he needs to get off at San Fernando "Avenue or Street." The driver tried to explain that the bus doesn't intersect with San Fernando (Road, thank you very much), but actually turns onto it for several miles, then gets off it for several miles, then gets back on, etc. The guy had no idea what his cross street was and went back to fiddling with the phone. I went back to fiddling with my CMR, so I can't report on his fate.

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