Wednesday, January 12, 2011

News: Geekfest '11

All those embarrassingly nerdy bits I'd been saving:

  • The first rule of Nerd Club!

  • Well That Ruins My Weekend Plans
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  • I love this mainly for the gratuitous Star Trek: The Slow Motion Picture reference, I am ashamed to admit...
  • Bruce Campbell, who apparently has some kind of mail-order ordination, presided at a real-live undead zombie wedding ceremony.

    Funny Wedding Photos - Bruce Campbell Officiates Zombie Wedding!
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  • job fails - Explaining Things To Coworkers
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    You are now qualified to be a storage engineer.

  • This comic suddenly made me realize what really made Star Wars unrealistic: you expect me to believe that in a galaxy where they have weird species and thousands of languages and lots of weird ship designs, the standards for digital media were completely consistent across all platforms? Seriously? I can't even get a damn Windows box to NFS-mount a filesystem from my FreeBSD desktop (running on the same basic chipset) without resorting to voodoo.

I wish I had dreams like that. Instead, I dream about executing CMRs. The only difference between being asleep and awake is I don't get paid to sleep.

Plus the lolcat you were all waiting for: funny pictures - Did you just hear a loud crash in the kitchen? Because I didn't. KTHXBAI see more Lolcats and funny pictures

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