Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Other: Minecraft Playlist

Certain songs come to mind when I play the game, so I decided to put together a Minecraft playlist of sorts. (Granted, some of the songs in the list didn't "come to mind" spontaneously, but seemed appropriate, since I needed filler.) Divided into three sections, here's the list.

General ambiance:
  1. Kristin Hersh - "Coals." Coal is useful, you can burn it. And when you fall off a cliff, trust me, you're gonna crash.
  2. Rasputina - "Diamond Mind." Diamonds are the holy grail, of sorts, in the game. They're pretty rare, you have to dig deep, the ore is a pretty blue (although, once mined, they look more like crystal easter eggs), but most importantly, they make the most durable tools and armor. One guy even wrote a song about diamonds:
  3. Johnny Cash - "Ring of Fire." You can make a kind of ring of fire using perma-flaming tree stumps. Good for keeping the monsters away, but ouch, that hurts!
  4. Devo - "Explosions." You can make TNT. Those are generally good explosions, as long as you reach minimum safe distance. Of course, creepers also explode, and they're not as big on minimum safe distance.
  5. The Breeders - "Divine Hammer." There aren't actually hammers in the game, but there are axes and shovels and pickaxes which you use to pound on stuff. Close enough. A divine pickaxe is made of diamonds, of course.
  6. Meat Puppets - "Lake of Fire." There are plenty of lava lakes (ok, underground they should really be called magma lakes). Just, uh, don't fall in. Because that hurts. Watch out for sparks, too, because they tend to pop out and set you on fire at inopportune moments.
  7. Helium - "Skeleton." Yup, there are skeletons and boy, do they want to kill you. And they even make a sound very close to the song's fade-in.
  8. Bettie Serveert - "Geek." Because you probably are one if you're playing the game. And those creepers will try to turn you inside out.

Playing the game:
  1. Scrawl - "Hunting Me Down." Those monsters are coming for you.
  2. Robert Johnson - "Hell Hound On My Trail." Seriously, they're after you.
  3. Blondie - "Just Go Away." That means you, creeper.
  4. Memphis Minnie - "Call the Fire Wagon." Oops, fell into a lava lake, did you? Well, like Minnie says, there's no fire wagon in this town!
  5. The Carter Family - "The Little Black Train." Yeah, you can make your own little black train (ok, it's an iron mine cart, although with a custom texture pack, you could make it look like a train), but I'm thinking more about the one that's coming for you when a creeper turns you inside out.
  6. Garbage - "Kick My Ass." They want to.

Reaction shots (aka stages of grief):
  1. Boss Hogg - "What the Fuck." Where the hell did that zombie come from? The one that just shoved me into the lake of fire, thank you very much?
  2. Nirvana - "Dumb." Nice one, Karen. You just shoved your own ass in the lake of fire.
  3. Johnny Cash - "Cry Cry Cry." What you do when you die in the middle of nowhere while carrying a buttload of diamonds. Then kiss them goodbye.
  4. Throwing Muses - "Mercury." After you're done crying, you get really pissed off, close the laptop, and vow never to play again.
  5. Helium - "Walk Away." But you'll be back.

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