Saturday, January 15, 2011

Spoonerisms: Phenotypical Kitties

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You'll need to zoom in (a lot) to read this, but it's worth it if you spend as much time staring at the cats and the fur they leave all over the place as I do.

Dipity: She's a lynx-point, under the "Point / Siamese / Himalayan" column. Even though she's gotten a lot darker at her "points" over the past year, she still probably hasn't reached maximum darkness, so it's hard for me to guess her coloring. I think she may be a chocolate, but then again, her ears and feet especially have a grey-ish "blue" tint. The agouti ticked tabby furs make it hard for me to tell. As for her tabby pattern, she seems to be a mackerel tabby, with stripes running from her spine to her belly. She has the Siamese blue eyes.

Spoon: He's apparently a blue-and-white piebald, about 70% white (special box in the bottom center), with the Seychellois Septième patterning. He has hazel eyes that look kind of light green straight on, but gold from an angle.

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