Saturday, May 15, 2010

Other: This'n'That

  • I've gotten so used to the automatic sinks at work that I keep putting my hands under my faucet at home and waving them around, wondering why the sensor hasn't picked it up... oh.
  • Yesterday my co-workers were talking about an application that needed to "BP" itself. "Um, what's BP?" "Boot straP." "Um, wouldn't 'BS' be a more obvious acronym for that? Oh, wait. Um, nevermind." Of course, at this point, "BS" probably would be the more politically-correct acronym over "BP."
  • The other day Dipity was on the computer desk when a bird flew past the window. She ran straight for the storage bins under the window... forgetting that there's about an 18" gap between the desk and the bins. She was so intent on those birds, though, that as soon as she hit the ground, she was jumping up on the bins. Still, not the brightest cat.
  • I still really hate Macs.

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