Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Other: Bitching and Moaning

I'm tired. I haven't been sleeping well lately. And it's making me cranky. Here are some of those things that are just working that last good nerve.
  • There are two things about dealing with Unix that I have always considered voodoo: NFS and printing. We have had NFS issues at work which are a nightmare, and at home I have more or less retired my old WinXP box which had my printer hanging off it. Thus, I've had to move the printer to my FreeBSD box. First it kept failing because it didn't have permission to write to the device file. CUPS, you're running as root. Either fix it yourself or tell me that's the problem and prompt me to fix it. Dumbass. It spews so much garbage to its error log file that it took me forever to figure out what it was complaining about.
  • Thunderbird. All of a sudden it starts prompting me constantly for my Kerberos credentials. Dude, if the server isn't asking for Kerberos credentials (and it's not), why are you? Piece of crap. It still gets my mail from the server, but the Kerberos window will "hide" and then prevent Thunderbird from exiting without telling me. I got home tonight and it turns out my laptop had been sleeping on the bus because when I thought it was shutting down before I left work, it wasn't.
  • That crappy Marmaduke movie. I only learned about it today when there was a commercial for it. While I'm sure the whole script was written by a committee in about 10 minutes, why does the CGI have to look unbelievably crappy? I mean, offensively, rubbing-my-last-good-nerve crappy?
  • The major record labels. I'm having trouble finding good music I like. Anything I do find is pretty much on a dinky label. These bigwigs produce lowest-common-denominator music where talent takes a backseat to looks, and then they wonder why people don't want to shell out money to buy the crap. They blame that on illegal downloads, but they'd either have to be idiots or beyond disingenuous actually to believe that themselves. 99.9% of what they put out isn't even worth stealing.
  • And why the hell are there practically no self-striping yarns which (a) do not contain wool and/or acrylic and (b) come in something lighter than worsted weight?
  • Not having a dishwasher (or a place to hook one up, even). I'm starting to remember some of why my previous forays into cooking died out. Cooking generates a lot of dirty dishes to wash.
  • Whatever bug bit me on the shin and made it itch like crazy. Ugh.
  • Nickel bra hooks. I have an itch between my shoulder blades now, too.
  • Excessively cute cats that just make me want to hug them and squeeze them and love them and call them George, except they really get upset with the squeezing thing, so that just spoils my fun.

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