Friday, January 1, 2010

Knittin' Crap: Handmade Christmas Round-up

As I stated before, I made every present this year (except the book I got Caden for his birthday, then forgot about until Xmas.) Everyone's gotten theirs now, so here's the roll:

Who What Why
Brad Vault Boy
Vault Boy from the Fallout computer game series
Because he got me addicted to Fallout all those years ago
Caden Caden's Magic Hammer
Totoro Bonnet
Totoro bonnet pattern by Adrian Bizilka
To keep his noggin warm (although he doesn't seem too big on the hat concept) and to, um, "help" daddy
Mary Snail Tape Measure 2
Mini Sweaters
Sweater ornament pattern by Emily5446
Um, because I thought she'd like them
My mother Siamese Cat Pillow
Block pattern from 201 Crochet Motifs
Dogi vest pattern from Knit Kimono
And the other sweater ornament
Because apparently I forgot I was going to try to ruin Christmas
Tom Dex
Pattern from the Japanese book Amigurumi Collection Vol. 2
Because he has a black cat named Dex Flikky Something Something
Steve The Bride With White Hair
The Bride With White Hair
Because hell hath no fury like a kung fu mistress scorned!

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spajadigit said...

Thanks, BTW. Best Christmas gift ever. (The hammer has come in handy. I think Caden has hidden it.)