Sunday, January 31, 2010

Other: Highlights of My Week

  • Two airport security checkpoints, 0 minutes waiting in line.
  • A TSA agent wished me a happy one-day-early birthday.
  • A job interview wearing my Doc Martens.
  • Another job interview wearing my angry shoes, but I managed neither to get lost nor to have to walk to make up for a missed bus, so they managed not to get past being cranky shoes.
  • Finished two long-in-the-works sweaters.
  • Slept through half my actual birthday, since it was after a very long day of travel.
  • Got on a Glendale Beeline bus so new, the instructions were still taped to the wheelchair belts.
  • Got my W-2 and e-filed my returns that evening. I want my money back from the gummint, dammit!
  • Valentine Costume BallMade another costume for my Costume Ball.

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