Thursday, December 31, 2009

Spoonerisms: Ghosts of Kitties Past

As promised, I made an effort to go through old pictures while at my mother's, to relive some Christmas cat memories. Of course, the pictures stopped getting put in photo albums around the time I was 6, and while my mother could recall finding the photos after that during her recent cleaning, she couldn't remember where she put the box they were in. "I don't suppose it has 'pictures' written on the side." "No."

Then there was a huge nuclear meltdown and I had to get to the minimum safe distance as rapidly as possible, where the minimum safe distance is about 2600 miles.

But, here are some of the pictures I found before that, taken on my parents' old Kodak Brownie...

Yummy Lite Brites!
Kitten Prissy, playing with the Lite Brites I got for Christmas in 1975. BTW, rest easy, as I'm pretty sure that carpet pattern was legally banned on December 31, 1979.
Ok, not a Christmas picture as it was taken around January 1976, but isn't it cute?

Tinseltown Tigger
Tigger, Prissy's son, gets the tinsel treatment, 1978. I believe he was a little over a year old at that point.

Tigger, with one of his classic philosophical expressions, taken around 1986, when he was about 9. This was my Buddhist Shaolin monk of a cat, very even-tempered and exuding such understated power that no other cats messed with him. He was the perfect cat to grow up with.

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