Friday, November 14, 2008

Whiteboard Jungle: Exterminaaaaate!

They decided to replace all the printers at work with some kind of audited leasing program. When I say, all the printers, I mean all the printers. Not just the large, shared printers, but the ancient Laserjets some people had snagged from the obsolescence pile over the years and put in their own cubes. I guess now when they want to print out their p0rn, they're going to have to hope they race to the nearest shared printer before someone else sees. Good thing the copies come out face down!

The new printers are honking huge things. They're over three feet tall and seem slightly... menacing, like they might eat any stray children that happened by, and they're big enough that they'd still have room for dessert.

On the printer closest to my cube, someone taped a picture of R2D2. I think they actually look more like the Daleks from Doctor Who...

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