Friday, November 7, 2008

Metro Journal: Nov 7 How Can You Not See a Bus?

Bus Driver Wiegel (possibly not her real name -- see this post) was driving the 780 again this morning. I was sitting about halfway back and reading when she slammed on the brakes for a really long time. I looked up. We were about halfway down Los Feliz. Once I figured we probably weren't going to hit anything after all, I went back to my book. Then, I'm not sure how long later, I heard the bus driver start yelling. "How can you not see a bus?" We were stopped at a light and she was yelling out her open window at the minivan sitting in the left turn lane. I'm guessing that the driver, not understanding the rules of Bus Person Car (Bus Always Wins), had probably swerved right in front of the bus to get from the right lane into the left-hand turn lane. Seriously, it's a big-ass red bus. What a dumbass.

Going home, while I was waiting for the 780 in front of the Vine Red Line Station, a police car pulled over a driver. The driver stopped in the bus lane, though. Um, excuse me! Then the policeperson used his loudspeaker to tell the car to take a right onto the side street (Argyle), which it did. Well, obviously, there was someone driving the car, but anyway. And I'm pretty sure they weren't too happy.

I waited more than 15 minutes for the 780, and then, of course, two showed up literally at the same time. I decided to get on the second one, gambling that it was less full. It was way less full. Score!

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