Friday, November 14, 2008

Other: Things I Really Never Needed To Know

As the couple in my previous post about the Second Life divorce was British, I thought the BBC news site might have more details on the meltdown than a wire story would. This may have been a bad idea on my part.

I now know how Second Life avatars have sex.

Apparently the first step requires purchasing genitals. Apparently male genitalia is available with more options than most luxury cars.

But I really should not have read to the end.
And infidelity is not the only thorny ethical issue thrown up by virtual sexual - some players have had sex with animals.
(Huh, the BBC didn't edit that sentence very well.)

While perusing the BBC site, I also ran across a story about a Burmese python that died while trying to eat an alligator in the Everglades. Apparently many of the non-indigenous snakes have been dumped in the swamps over the years by irresponsible dumbass owners. By the way, the alligator didn't survive either.

Even with that story's photograph of the exploding python, the libidinous avatar story has given me more disturbing mental images.

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