Thursday, November 6, 2008

Metro Journal: This is the 180!

Last night I had this dream where I was on the 780 going toward work, except the bus driver kept stopping at every stop along the way instead of just the Rapid stops. Finally I shouted to the driver to ask why he was stopping all the time.
Driver: This is the 180. Those are my stops.
Me: No, this is the 780.
Driver: No, it's the 180.
Me: But the sign said 780.
Driver: It's the 180.
Me: The sign says 780 and it's a red Rapid bus!
Driver: It's the 180!
Me: I'm going to report you!
Except the only place buses' actual ID numbers are displayed is in the windshield, viewable from the outside only. I was worried that as soon as I got off, he would zip away so I wouldn't able to see it.

Then when the driver stopped at Vermont and Hollywood and then just stayed there, I got off with another passenger to wait for another bus.

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