Thursday, August 21, 2008

Other: Welcome to the Whiteboard Jungle (Plus special Knittin' Crap extra!)

For reasons better left unexplained, my group at work somehow ended up with animal versions of ourselves on the giant whiteboard in Mr Bob's cubicle. No one was allowed to choose their own animal, except for Bob, but he chose the animal we would have chosen for him anyway.

For reasons better left unexplained, I ended up drawing most of the animals.
Trust me; I am not very good. For reasons left unexplained to me, I was elected a frog. Dan-the-invisible-giant-rabbit
chose it, then drew a frog which was so bad, a pre-schooler would have been ashamed of it. So I drew my own frog.

Hansen is the only person not in our group who has an official portrait.
(He drew a doubly-aprocryphal animal for someone else; doubly both because we did not sanction it and the person chose her own animal.) Hansen is the meerkat. Hansen is the meerkat always popping up in our cubicles and driving us nuts. Don't get us wrong; we love Hansen. As long as he is bugging someone in some other group. Hansen's alter ego is a gnat; he's also buzzing around, driving you nuts, and it's impossible to swat him away.

I did make a pleasant discovery earlier this week. The incredible limbless ninja
I made from the book Creepy Cute Crochet doubles as Hansen repellent! I was showing it around, realized I hadn't gotten all the Spoon-supplied white cat hairs off, and picked one off. Hansen, ever-present, jumped back.

He's allergic to cat fur.

Ninja pattern from Creepy Cute Crochet by Christen Haden


spajadigit said...

I hope Hansen doesn't read this blog...

The limbless ninja. Should be a television show.

Karen said...

Well, we already kind of had to explain why we cringe every time we see him coming...

And our group isn't really known for pulling punches anyway.