Saturday, August 16, 2008

Knittin' Crap: Smackdown Update!

Somehow I'm still alive. My target had already killed her target, who had already killed her target, so I've sent email and am waiting for that person's target dossier.

I did have a scare. I used my post office box as my mailing address since it's larger than my home box and, if a package doesn't fit and I get a slip, much easier to make pick ups than the post office which handles delivery for my home, because the post office is right next to my bus stop. (The post office with my box is .5 miles away. The post office that delivers to my home and where I have to pick up packages that don't fit in my box is 1.6 miles away, and a nasty drive, with no parking, at that.)

Wednesday I got off the bus after work and checked my box... and there was a yellow package notice! Aaaaagh!!!! I hadn't ordered anything! There was nothing else it could be, other than my death knell!

When I went to pick up the package in the morning, it was a book that had been backordered from my book club. Oh.

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