Saturday, August 9, 2008

Knittin' Crap: It's Smackdown Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess who didn't have paper for her printer. Well, it forced me to "recycle" the backs of all those test sheets I keep around because I can't really throw them out.

I'm getting ready to rumble!

Crap. I have to patch a work server in 40 minutes. That better not take long.

UPDATE: 12:22PM. This is the pattern I'm using. There were two choices. The other one was super cute, too, but looked like more work. I'm taking a break and icing down my crochet hook hand. I've finished the head (the biggest piece) and have started the body. Between starting over twice to change hooks (I started with a G, thought the gauge was too loose, moved to an F, where the gauge was definitely too tight, then went back to the G, which is actually all right), patching our nameserver, and not being a morning person, I still might have this done on time to put in the mail today. (I'm hoping my assassin hasn't found my blog... hmm...)

UPDATE: 2:21PM. Waylaid by injury! Well, actually, I have an unpleasant headache. The belated breakfast I ate and the Excedrin should help. The post office on Vermont in Los Feliz is open until 4, and I could probably get it done and there in time, but, but I'm not going to push it. It will have to wait until Monday morning. I guess I just don't have that killer instinct.

UPDATE: I finished around 6PM.

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