Thursday, May 8, 2008

Metro Journal: May 8 Where's New Cork?

Someone else must have noticed they had too many Disney trivia questions on Transit TV. Occasionally they're in Spanish, like one this morning which I didn't get a chance to transcribe. I can't actually read Spanish, but between words that are similar to their French and English counterparts, and the rest from context, I can figure most of it out. This morning's was roughly "What fusion musical group appeared on the record "Unplugged in New Cork" by Nirvana?"

Their typo, not mine. And I think I know enough that "New York" translated into Spanish would NOT be "New Cork."

Oh, the answer, of course, was the Meat Puppets. Seriously, how are these things ending up on Transit TV?

This evening was mostly uneventful, except for the old man sitting near me in the back who was talking the whole time. A young man near him was nodding and smiling at him, but he was also wearing headphones. I doubt the old man noticed or cared. At one point, we stop behind another bus (a 181) and the old man gets up and moves to the door shouting, "Tell them to wait for me!" He gets off just as the 181 bus moves away, incredibly despite the fact that he's waving his cane and yelling for it to stop. So, he shrugs, turns around, and gets back on the bus.

And I also made it door-to-door, including the .25 mile walk from my last stop home, in 1.25 hours. A little longer than normal for mornings, but a rarity in the evening.

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