Saturday, May 3, 2008

Metro Journal: April 30 Where's the Fire?

Ok, I started a day early, but on the evening ride from work to Hollywood & Vine, there was this total dumbass on the DASH talking to a friend of his on the phone, and I couldn't resist recording the experience for posterity.

He was probably in his early 20s, and one of those people who use the word "like" every third word. And he was name-dropping. Apparently, he, like, saw Jeremy Piven, but he was, like, shooting a commercial, like, for muscular dystrophy or, like, something. you know.

In the wee hours of the morning of April, the oh-so-swanky (I've been told -- like I'd know) nightclub The Basque, on the northwest corner of Hollywood and Vine, caught fire. I usually take the Metro 780 all the way to Hollywood & Vine in the morning and catch the DASH to work, but that morning I knew I was just going to miss it, so I got off the 780 at the stop before, at Hollywood & Western, and hadn't seen the damage. The facade over the second story didn't look so bad, but there was still a fire engine parked in front over 12 hours later, and of course you had people with cameras and tourists and so forth gathered around, so when I finally got a glimpse of the ground floor, the doors and so forth, yes, it was rather charred.

The aforementioned passenger went totally spastic when he saw the thing. I guess he doesn't read the news. (Ok, I hadn't heard either until a co-worker told me that day, but even I'd forgotten about it until the guy started flipping out.) He gets up and runs to the back window of the bus like his own butt was on fire, and he's practically yelling into the phone. Paraphrasing here: "Like, dude! I don't know if they were like filming something or like what but there was like, it like exploded!"

Like, what a moron.

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