Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Metro Journal: May 19 The Tot Whisperer

Morning: 780 goes by across the street, etc, etc.

Evening: I get out of work after 6 and other than having to walk to Western, I don't have to wait long for a 207.

There's an "adult video" shop on Western just north of Santa Monica Blvd. The sign, the kind with the removeable letters, reads, "Got porn?" How very clever.

Three mothers with toddlers come and go. One of the kids has one of those I'm-sure-they-won't-realize-they're-on-a-leash-because-it's-disguised-as-a-stuffed-animal-backpacks on. He and his mother get off at Sunset and while we're sitting there waiting for the light to change, I see that the mother is the one getting led around, straight into the McDonalds at the corner. The Dog Whisperer would tell the mother not to let the dog, er, kid lead, but make him walk alongside.

The wait for the 780 is also short, and mercifully, the bus is less than half full the whole way.

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