Monday, May 5, 2008

Metro Journal: May 5 Nice Bus Driver! Niiiiice Bus Driver!

I missed my "short cut" bus, so I took the line that meets the 780 at the post office. Except that corner was completely cut off because they had literally closed half the road. They hadn't posted a "This stop will be closed on these dates to due this, that or the other" signs like usual. Even the bus driver seemed surprised. So, because they had about a block of street closed in either direction from that intersection, we went to the next regular stop, 2 blocks past the one I wanted. Which would have been fine, except I was almost a block away when I saw the 780 go by. I would have made it fine if it hadn't been for the construction. Bastards.

The 780 is supposed to run every 15 minutes, a little more often during rush hour, so if the next bus was running in time with the one I missed, I shouldn't have to wait too long. And the next one was actually there only 5 minutes later.

Traffic on Los Feliz was kind of bad so we lost time, but I was pretty sure I would get to the DASH with a few minutes to spare, so I didn't get off at Western. Of course, 3 blocks later traffic gets really, really bad on Hollywood Blvd. The 780 stops just over one block, but 3 intersections away from the DASH stop. I knew I was going to miss the damned DASH, because we were stopped at a red light at Vine... so I go to the front and ask Mr Bus Driver very nicely if he'll let me out here so I don't miss my DASH. He doesn't say anything, waits a second... then opens the door! Yay! I got to my DASH literally a minute before it left. I would definitely have missed it if I had waited for the 780 to get to its stop.

On the way home, I was across the street waiting for the light when that 780 came. I just knew I was going to miss the thing again. The light changed and I rushed across... and the bus hadn't left. Some guy was standing at the door talking to the driver. She had just closed the door and started rolling when I got there... and she stopped and let me in! Yay!

Oh, the raw power of the city bus driver...

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