Monday, April 14, 2014

Knittin' Crap: SFAC March 2014

I didn't get much done in March. Well, I did, but most of that was work on my 3-month Away Mission, due at the end of April, which I will probably actually finish, but it has been consuming almost all my free time.
Engineering - Make something again that gave you difficulty before. Explain what you’ve learned that made it easier (or better) now.(My Engineering mission disappeared temporarily in a Temporal Rift, delaying its completion.) Sometimes in Engineering, we need to get in tight spaces to make repairs. Our hands may fit, but they lack room to move and function. I had previously attempted to make a minibot technician glove, but my first attempt failed as the minibots were uncooperative due to incompatible control circuitry. I made some design modifications and began a re-implementation last month, which disappeared into a temporal rift shortly before completion. However, it has now escaped from the temporal rift, oddly enough, completed and fully functioning.
Finger puppet gloves
Science - Craft something to represent one of the sciences (utilizing the parameters outlined above)
Botany - use plant fiber or a botanical motif
I performed research in the field of botany by investigating the properties of the popular Earth bast fiber “cotton.” This report exhibits its crispness in fine textiles:
Crystalline structure
The Brig - Finish a WIPThis prisoner has been holding out for almost a year, but it finally bloomed.
Azalea shawl

Basic glove pattern by Anna Gilmour

Crochet square from 238 Best Crochet Patterns

Azalea stitch pattern from Marianne Kinzel

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