Monday, March 3, 2014

Knittin' Crap: SFAC February 2014

Diplomatic - Craft something to represent who - or what - you might meet on the Shore Leave Planet. (Feel free to cross fandom lines for this mission)While I knew about the Shore Leave Planet’s unusual offerings, I’m afraid I let my mind wander a bit while I was transporting down, and the planet picked up on that. I had just been perusing some late 20th century literature in that highest of art forms, the “comic book,” namely “The Tick,” which was based on the true story of a crime-fighter who dressed as a blue arachnid species which appears to now be extinct. Next thing I know I was staring eye-to-eye with his occasional crime-fighting partner, the Man-Eating Cow. She looked a little displeased. We did manage to have a pleasant conversation.

Me: Nice weather here.
Man-Eating Cow: Moo.
Me: You been here before?
Man-Eating Cow: Moo.
Me: Had to eat any evil-doers lately?
Man-Eating Cow: Moo.
Man-Eating Cow
Medical - Craft something to help you tell your ship’s doctor about something you did on shore leave.That all-you-can-eat sushi bar seemed like a good idea at the time, you see, until I realized I can eat quite a lot of sushi. Here was the first course:
Science - Craft something to show what is unique or unusual about the planet you’ve chosen for your shore leave.Having pored over the ships logs of the NCC-1701, I thought I’d take this opportunity to visit the site of one of its classic missions: Gamma Trianguli VI. This is the tropical planet whose inhabitants had been trapped in a state of arrested development by their “god,” a seemingly-omnipotent computer named Vaal. Captain Kirk valiantly freed them from the computer’s tyranny so they could evolve as a civilization. The civilization they evolved into is a free-wheeling tropical gambling mecca centered around their new god: money. But they may continue to change as time goes on. After all, one of Earth’s greatest centers of learning and culture was founded on casino money, but who doesn’t visit Earth without stopping at the wonderful galleries and theaters of Las Vegas?

Back to Gamma Trianguli VI, though. The flowers there, while beautiful, can also be deadly if not handled properly, as several members of Kirk’s original away team learned. Here is one such flower:
Lily headband
The Brig - Another WIP finally gets finished!This prisoner was recruited to complete a mission the last tour, but it stopped halfway through and gave me the finger. I gave it a good attitude adjustment and now want to see it out the door.
Fingerless Gloves

Original (non-man-eating) cow pattern by Izumi Sasaki
Miso pattern by Mitsuki Hoshi
Phalangees pattern by Jodie Gordon Lucas

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