Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Knittin' Crap: SFAC April 2014

I've been remiss in posting April's missions, but better late than never.
Away Mission: A 3-month-long large scale projectWe have detected yet another planet inhabited by a sentient humanoid race living in conditions akin to Earth’s Stone Age. I would like to study them in person. As remaining hidden from such a population is paramount to preservation of the Prime Directive, I will need foolproof camouflage. As we all know, using holography technology is the main method for doing so, in spite of its countless and sometimes catastrophic failures. I propose, therefore, becoming part of the scenery. This special bio-garment will make me appear to be part of the flora of the planet.
Dissertation Away!
Command: Honor Starfleet captains by crafting something to represent one of these captains, or the captain of your own shipEasily, the most storied Captain in Starfleet history was James T. Kirk. With this mission report, I make reference both to his ingenuity in battle and mercy in victory, when he was taken by the Metrons to do battle with a Gorn captain:
Medical: Craft something to conceal our medical technology or something to disguise anything that would look alien to them.As there is no way for Medical Corps personnel to get a hypospray near the Veridians, they want to try dispensing essential medications orally. This bowl prototype is infused with antibiotics. By placing water or water in it, small amounts will leach into the contents and be consumed thusly.
Needle felted bowl
Tactical: Craft something to represent the Veridian system as a whole or any of its six planets.I chose to examine the sun of the Veridian system. I used both visible-to-human-eye filters and special radiation filters:
Super-Charged Star
The Brig - Finishing UFOs (UnFinished Objects)This prisoner was supposed to make a mission report last month but failed. I hoped some time in the brig would be an appropriate lesson about meeting deadlines, and I threw in an invasive quadruped for extra incentive. It's been rough, but the prisoner has found the prefect duty detail:
Cat Bed

Kefalonia pattern by Marie Wallin
Needle felting bowl kit from Purl & Loop
Star pattern by Karolina Eckerdal
Cat Bed pattern by Caroline Hegwer

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