Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Knittin' Crap: SFAC January 2014

January is an off-month, but there were still a couple things to do.
Shuttle - Craft something to lift the spirits of your crew mates by making them laugh. Craft something silly. Please feel free to include silliness in your mission story as well.I’d heard rumors that produce was missing from the ship’s vegetable garden, but as I have a brown thumb and hadn’t touched anything, I paid no attention. Then, walking through the garden today, I spotted something… out of the ordinary:
Bunny in Disguise
Rabbits have acquired stealth technology. No carrot is safe!
BrigUntil the start of this staryear, this prisoner had no direction, wandering this way and that through life. I smoothed out the rough edges and now its perambulations make it an interesting but useful character.
Mitered Squares Vest

Bunny pattern by Abbygurumi
Vest pattern by Hitomi Shida

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