Thursday, July 26, 2012

Knittin' Crap: Let the Ravelwhatsit Games Begin!

After that dust-up with the U.S. Olympic Committee where they had to add insult to injury in their cease & desist letter by talking trash like how making an afghan (the insulation device, not the nationality) was not a shitload of work, the Ravelympics ended up getting renamed to "The Ravellenic Games." Meh. Later said U.S.O.C. pissed off Congress (the same body that gave them extraordinary latitude with the Olympics trademark) by dressing this year's U.S. athletes in (butt-ugly and seriously overpriced) opening ceremony uniforms made entirely outside of the U.S. So, basically, the U.S.O.C.... assholes and morons. (What, did they think maybe no one would notice? Dumbasses.) Meh. Anyway, the Games start tomorrow!

Ravelwhatsit Project Cast-on time happens to be 1PM local for me, and since I'll be at work... yeah, I'll be casting on anyway! Ha! Dippy here is helpfully posing with my event materials for the pullover I have delusions of completing in 17 days. Go, Team Minecraft!

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