Thursday, March 29, 2012

Whiteboard Jungle: The REAL IT Crowd

We decided that if pawn brokers and parking valets can get their own reality shows, we should get one, too.

Shot 1: RL stares at screen and pounds on keyboard.
Shot 2: Coffee break.
Shot 3: I start cursing at the screen. "What the *bleep*!? You *bleep*ing piece of *bleep*! What were those *bleep*ing monkey *bleep*ers thinking?"
Shot 4: RL stares at screen and pounds on keyboard.
Shot 5: KK mocks my knitting, again. I silently plot revenge.
Shot 6: Coffee break.
Shot 7: Minecraft discussion on IRC.
Shot 8: JP calls someone a moron.
Shot 9: Me again. "*bleep* *bleep* *bleep*ity *bleep* *bleeeeeeeeeep*"
Shot 10: Meeting. Everyone's playing with their smartphone, except me, because I'm knitting.
Shot 11: Closing credits over RL staring at screen and pounding on keyboard.


spajadigit said...

I could even shoot this for you...

Karen said...

I neglected to mention my group is actually spread out. About half are in Silicon Valley and the rest are one-offs at various offices, including Taipei. One guy works from his barn in Ohio. So we'd need a travel budget! Although I am going up to HQ in April...

milk said...

you wouldn't need a travel budget if you can get a rocket surgeon to make the telepresence work consistently.

Karen said...

If I really wanted to see their faces every day, I would have made life-size cardboard cutouts of them and put them in all the empty cubes around mine.