Wednesday, February 22, 2012

News: Apple Mush

SteveZ is probably running out of stuff to read at work, so I'm posting another news round-up. Unfortunately for him, most of the saved stuff I have is bashing Apple, but there you go.

Almost apropos lolcat:
funny pictures - choose carefully. which of these laptops do you prefer?
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Lastly, I swear I didn't write this, but I could have, if I knew WTF limewire was.
funny facebook fails - Failbook: Mac vs PC
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spajadigit said...

Wow! A whole blog post dedicated to me! I feel so... powerful... it's almost... heady how glorious it is!

Eeeeh Haaaaa eeee haaaaa... Deep breath.


Thanks, Karen! :)

Fluzz said...

Limewire is a torrent client well known to be used by those who are a bit less scrupulous and like to spread viruses.