Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Knittin' Crap: My First Month in the Starfleet Fiber Arts Corp

Even though I didn't think I'd make it, I actually did manage to complete all 6 missions in my first month in the Starfleet Fiber Arts Corp on Ravelry, although I didn't play much Minecraft. Barely any. I can count the hours on one hand. Well, maybe both hands.

Division and Mission Requirements My report
Culture: Research the entertainment throughout the history of Earth and craft something representative of it. Discombobulated Avian (see this post)
Command: Design a part of, or a new uniform. Craft something representative of it. Could be anything with the insignia on it or perhaps design your own medal or commendation in crafted form. As a Medusoid, I have hair with a mind of its own, always obscuring my eyes, getting in the way, and it also tries to steal my food before I can get it to my mouth. This headband will help control my hair and prevent my hair from impeding my duties.
Engineering: Make something that will help the engines work faster and more efficiently. Ensign Fuzzykaren from the USS Kitchener reporting in to Chief Engineer Scott.

In order to maximize engine efficiency, repairs and maintenance sometimes have to be performed in small spaces. We have remote-controlled robots to perform that maintenance, but the hands-on approach is sometimes preferable. To that aim, I made a mini-you, with the expertise to perform difficult repairs but the small size to get in any nook and cranny:
Diplomatic: Create something Californian. It could be beachwear, something orangey, Hollywood-esque, etc. Create a good story and we’ll go with it! As has been noted, California is noted for its produce, particularly its citrus fruit, which grows well in the warmer areas of the state. This happy orange must certainly be from California:
Orange You Glad to See Me
Medical: Craft something to aid you in giving First Aid to someone in need. This device can serve multiple functions. Among other uses, it can warm the shoulders and neck in cases of hypothermia, and the soothing color changes have been shown to calm most sentient species in times of distress.
Security: Make something to help you stay/get in shape!I have completed my Security mission in the form of this supply carry sack. I plan to increase my physical activity by carrying as many supplies as I can instead of simply transporting them to their final location.
Grocery Sack

Note that going in, I decided I wouldn't make anything that I didn't already have on my to-do list or that I had absolutely no use for or didn't really want, and I've stuck to it!

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