Friday, February 17, 2012

Knittin' Crap: Xmas Round Up 2011

I finally delivered the last two Christmas presents last night (hey, what's wrong with Christmas in February!) so here's this year's round-up. I didn't end up making as many gifts as some previous years, but damn, work has had me busy.

Who What Why Reaction
Brad!ST:TOS Finger Puppets
To Boldly Go...  Over There
Because they needed to existAfter he put them on, they immediately declared their love for each other. I would have thought he would have waited at least 60 seconds.
CadenPikachu!Because he's Poke-mad!I got a hug :)
JELump of Coal
Lump of Coal
Because he deserved itHe named it Gary Coalman
SteveGuineasaurus Rex
Guineasaurus Rex
See thisHe thought it was a hamster. I don't blame him. I'm not so good with domesticated rodent differentiation.
White Elephant SwapRoly Poly Headrest
(The Roly Poly cat, not Spoon. Spoon didn't want to give up his headrest after I took the picture, though.)
Quick and sillyThe recipient (Natasha) didn't trade it!

P.S. These were all Knittin' Crap original patterns, except for the Lump of Coal, by Melissa Burt.

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