Thursday, July 7, 2011

Metro Journal: NextBus

The LA County MTA has finally added its bus system to NextBus, the online service which gives real-time bus arrival times based on the GPS locations of the buses. Unfortunately, I've found that "real-time" can be +/- 5 minutes, usually 5 minutes behind the actual arrival time, which means it's still possible to miss the bus. Also, there's no separate Android app for it, and the web interface is rather annoying. Still when taking a line that isn't always punctual or when trying to decide which of multiple viable lines looks like the better option, it's nice to have.

Nextrip sign They've started putting up these signs with the NextBus stop number and occasionally qor codes to make it easier to use the service. Sometimes the sign placement is more sensible than at others. At one of the stops I take near work, the sign is 7' up the pole. I had to look for it. Dude, I can barely see it, and I'm not super-short.

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