Saturday, June 25, 2011

Spoonerisms: Left-handed Kitty

Left-handed kitty Dipity is left-handed. I don't mean she favors her south paw. I mean she favors mine.

Every morning when I start waking up and she wants her morning head-scratching, she comes and lies against my left side. If Spoon already happens to be there, we have issues. She refuses to get comfortable on the right side (which is the side closest to the door, which may be a factor.) She stares at Spoon until he sort of gets the hint and circles around, and then she can have her spot. She stretches out against my side with her head facing toward my feet. I am then expected to scratch her head, which she often places out of reach of my hand, manipulating me to twist around, and to scratch her hindquarters.

Left-handed kitty Now it's spread to the couch. She wouldn't spend much time on the couch for the first year or so, perceiving it as Spoon's territory, as he's often on there if I am. But she's gotten more comfortable there, and she prefers to stretch out on, surprise, my left side, head facing away from me. (Hmmm, wonder if I should start wearing a bag over my head.)

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