Sunday, June 5, 2011

Metro Journal: May 24 Crosswalk Rage, Part n

Crosswalk Rage (where n is very large)

I came thisclose to getting mowed down in the crosswalk with the crossing light. I got off my bus in the morning. The stop is one crosswalk + ½ a block to the office. How much can go wrong? I hit the crossing light, the light came on, and as I was crossing, this asshole making a left turn onto the street I was crossing almost hit me, having to slam on his brakes, stopping less than a yard from me. His car even stalled. I turned, gave him the "WTF IS YOUR FUCKING PROBLEM, DUMBASS?" look and gesture and he gave me a very sheepish look and tried to start his car while I just walked to the office. I was already cranky (it had already been a long week and this was... Tuesday!) and in fact, this was not the most annoying part of my day.

A week later, another asshole making a left turn almost hit me in the exact same crosswalk. He stopped further out, but seriously, WTF? In the previous year, I'd crossed that street 100 times without almost getting mowed over.

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