Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Metro Journal/Whiteboard Jungle/Other: Highlights of My Day

  • It started raining during the night. Walking to the bus stop this morning, I forgot about this spot on the sidewalk which always aspires to be the Marianas Trench. Forgot about it until I stepped in it, I mean.
  • A guy sleeping on the bus apparently woke up after his stop and started yelling at the driver to stop immediately.
  • There was a woman on the bus with two young, loud daughters. At some point I heard the mother say, "How can you be afraid of something you've never seen?" Somehow, this sounded profound. The one girl starts saying, "I'll punch the alien! I'll punch the alien!" Then the other daughter said, "I'll kick the alien! I'll kick the alien!" "I'll punch the alien AND kick the alien!" And so on.
  • Because of the rain, my bus was running late, and I had another 10AM deployment. I had to take care of some stuff first, so I pulled out my craptop, turned on wi-fi tethering on my phone, and logged in over the VPN. Further proof that I am an Über Cool Nerd Goddess.
  • I actually got all the approvals I needed a whole 12 minutes before the scheduled start time! A miracle!
  • So, of course, the deployment craps out and we had to roll back.
  • Someone at work sent me the following IM: "I have the dry runs!"
  • During the weekly projects meeting, I got asked when I would get a project done. "After they add another day to the week." Today I didn't even have time to eat lunch.
  • On the bus home, a guy sitting in the very back was snoring.
  • I just saw a recipe for gin-and-tonic cupcakes, but considering that all the gin is in the icing, and even gin-less icing is the best part, I see no reason to make the cake part.

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