Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Metro Journal: Feb 15 One of Those Mornings

Verdugo Canyon WashI was supposed to be at work by 10, well, before then, because I was lead on a deployment. My first bus was fine, but of course, the 94, which is rarely more than 5 minutes late, was 10 minutes late. And full. And proceeded to stop at Every Single Stop, and there are a lot of them. For instance, it stopped at that stop just north of the 134, where it never stops. So I managed to snap this picture of the Verdugo Canyon Wash, close to where it empties into the Los Angeles Drainage Ditch.

Gnome power -- not that impressive With all the stops, I started getting worried. We were getting later and later. I would have gotten there 25 minutes before 10, but my buffer was shrinking. When we were finally getting close to my stop, I noticed this ad: Um, if the best the gnomes can do is to get me to work what ended up being 15 minutes late, gnome power is extremely underwhelming. Which generally means that Congress will decide to subsidize it.

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