Sunday, November 21, 2010

Spoonerisms: Lap of Last Resort

The weather here is starting to feel a little more like fall, albeit Southern California-style. I have been getting bookended by cats in the bed as soon as I crawl in, and have to use a crowbar do dislodge them enough to get out of bed in the morning.

I was in the computer chair today. Dipity was in the electric lap. Spoon came up, got ready to jump up to the electric lap, saw it was occupied, looked sad, then came and got into my lap. A bit later, Dipity got up, and Spoon immediately vacated my lap, practically leaving skidmarks in the process, and claimed the electric lap.

When Dipity was done with whatever she had been doing, she returned, saw the electric lap was occupied, and got into mine.

So I went over to Graphjam to give form to my frustration. I would have added more variables for things like proximity to electric lap, amount of food in the cat dishes, quality of food in the cat dishes, average direction of quantum spin of subatomic particles in kitties' brains, etc., but, dude, it's Graphjam.

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Hey Karen:

Was doing genealogy, and we seem to share the same ancestors (the Perrys from Alabama) me at (my name is Patrick Perry, I think we're sharing the same great-greats)