Friday, November 19, 2010

Knittin' Crap for the Whiteboard Jungle: The Zip-it Voodoo Doll

Anyone who has worked in a cubicle maze knows a major downside is having a cube near a perpetually-loud person. As in, louder-than-moose-in-heat loud. As in, booming-into-the-phone-so-loudly-they-could-hear-you-without-the-phone-even-if-they're-in-the-next-state loud. During one such sonic onslaught, I came up with the idea for the zip-it voodoo doll. So, when an engineer in our group who was also in the direct path of these skull-vibrating vocal reverberations announced he was leaving, I decided to make the zip-it voodoo doll prototype as a going away gift. It seemed to be a big hit. Let's face it, there's at least one inveterate loud-mouth wherever you go.

Zip-it Voodoo Doll Zip-it Voodoo Doll

I plan to make a stop-motion demonstration video soon eventually maybe.

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