Saturday, December 4, 2010

News: 'N'Stuff


funny pictures-Fud Dispensr Manual:  Troubleshooting
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I firmly believe that cats possess a genetic knowledge, and this is one of the items. The call of the can opener (not as used now that most cans of cat food and tuna have those pull-tabs) and fear of the vacuum cleaner (something Pandora refused to have) are two others. This one is in the same vein:
funny pictures-Week 1:     Used the Big Eyes face to have humans giving me treats and the best spot on the sofa where the dog isn't allowed.  Week 2:     Have brain-washed the dog into protectin' me 'cause I'm so little.  Week 3:     World domination should be a snap fr
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The Stupid:

funny pictures-The Thanksgiving Turkey is missing you say?
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Not having a hard time imaging Spoon if I actually baked a turkey...

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