Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Spoonerisms: Dipity+1 Year

Dippy Kitty

Today is the first anniversary of Dipity's surprising, but ultimately very serendipitous, appearance. She's become a sweet pet, if a little high-strung, although she'll probably grow out of more of that. She's working on her lap kitty skills. She doesn't need the constant nearness that Spoon does, but when she wants loving, she wants it now! She still doesn't much like the idea of Spoon, but she will usually tolerate his presence now unless he gets a little too close or tries a little too hard to pretend he's an alpha cat.

1 comment:

Fluzz said...

awww, I can't believe you've had her for a year!

She really did land on her paws with you :)