Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Other: A Couple Headscratchers

  • Driving to work Tuesday, I saw a tractor-trailer braking excessively given the relatively light traffic. A car had gotten in front of it with maybe 2 car lengths between them. The car's bumper sported "Student Driver." Yeah, no shit. What moron teacher would get their student to merge in front that close to the truck without speeding up to increase the distance, and, here's the thing, not even exit at the next exit (or even the next two exits!) I didn't get the driving school's name, but, uh, I wouldn't recommend them.
  • Why I drove to work Tuesday: I was cleaning out the litterboxes in the morning and, since it's not exactly either a mentally-stimulating or a terribly enjoyable task, my mind had wandered off. Then I spilled a bunch of used litter on the carpet. Ew. So I get the vacuum out of the closet, which, of course, sent Spoon straight for the bed. I plug it in, the ready light comes on, I push the switch, and... nothing. Ready light goes off. I cleaned up as much as I could with the hand vac, went on-line, and found a repair shop between home and work, and stuck the upright vac in the trunk. I got there after work right before they closed. The guy fixed it right on site, too, just a busted power switch, fortunately. Still, what a way to start the day. I bet Spoon threw a party when he saw me take it out the door. I'd suspect sabotage, but really, the not-too-bright thing is not an act.
  • I have learned that our backup system at work has a black hole at the center. Maybe I should let Stephen Hawking know about it, because it would put the information paradox to rest. "Uh, that data you wanted restored, yeah, apparently it passed the event horizon..." That stuff is gone!
  • We're trying to figure out if another tape drive would help data escape The Black Hole's event horizon. We could try to fill out requisition forms and get the money that way, but I'm thinking a bake sale would be easier. (My brain was a little mushy from the heat of waiting at bus stops this morning.)

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