Thursday, July 8, 2010

News: Kristin Hersh'n'Stuff

I've mentioned my favorite musician, Kristin Hersh, in the past. Well, she has a new album, Crooked, coming out (already out in the UK, but as a book(!)) and an autobiography of sorts. I'm too lazy to link. Go to Amazon and look! Anyway, as a "Strange Angel," i.e., a subscriber/underwriter/whatever on her CA$H Music site, I got my copy of the CD in the mail 2 weeks ago, and, yes, I like it, although they always take awhile to sink in. You can (freely and legally) download what is probably my favorite track, at least for now, called "Coals." It has a bit of a country sound. I can almost hear Johnny Cash performing it. Almost.

Kristin has also released a lot of her recent work under a Creative Commons license, as have an increasing number of musicians and artists who want people to be able to build off their work as long as they themselves get due credit. So when ASCAP (the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) sent out a fundraising letter to its members saying that Creative Commons and other groups (like the Electronic Frontier Foundation, hello?) were trying to get rid of copyrights, Creative Commons posted their own response, which Kristin endorsed.

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