Saturday, August 2, 2014

Knittin' Crap: SFAC July 2014

Diplomatic: Converse with the Aldeans and the Caldonians to discover why this radiation is important to them. Counselor Troi has indicated that they seem to be withholding something… Craft something to trick them OR gain their trust.The Caldonian eyes and visual cortex seem to respond to colors in a way similar to humans. They subconsciously find cool colors calming. This panel, used as a backdrop for Counselor Troi, with its soothing colors arranged in subtly undulating lines, will make them more amenable to being honest.
Engineering: Find the source of the energy readings by conducting a search. There are three standard search methods used: triangulation, radial, and standard sweep. Choose one of these three and craft something that has a triangular shape, is worked in the round, or is worked in stripes to show the results of your search.I began analysis with a radial scan, but then the computer got in a mood and…
Take a Number
told me to take a number. I have a feeling I’ll be waiting awhile for the final results.
Take a Number
Medical: Help the medical team with their assessment of the radiation threat.I propose we send in this Red Shirt brainless human clone to test the effect of the radiation on humanoid tissues.
Red Shirt!
Tactical: Craft something that protects the user from the environment.The undulating wiring of this headgear should interfere with any wave-form radiation and render it harmless.
Shuttle: Due to an unexpected radiation spike from Phoenar Prime, our ship has experienced a warp core breach. If we cannot fix the problem in under an hour, the engines will overload. Craft a speedy solution for the warp core breach. Hurry! Your solutions must be completed in under one hour or else - BOOM!This sun hat probably won’t prevent the warp core breach, but at least it will help shade my eyes from the blast when I’m down on Phoenar Prime.
Sun Hat

Jujuba pattern by Norah Gaughan
Headband stitch pattern and sun hat barrette motifs from Japanese book Lace Crochet Best Motifs 238

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