Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Knittin' Crap: Starfleet January Shore Leave Missions

Technically January is an "off" month in the Starfleet Fiber Arts Corp, but nonetheless, there were duties to perform, including the first month of a 12-month afghan challenge, with each month requiring blocks representing the Plan├Ęte du Mois.

Starfleet Afghan Challenge, January Planet of the Month: Tellar Prime: Homeworld of the Tellarites. One of the Founding Members of the United Federation of Planets. This mountainous planet is located in a binary star system, and itself possesses two moons. The primary hobby of the Tellarites - arguing - is considered a sport. Fortunately, their homeworld possesses a hot, humid, oxygen-rich climate which (since it tends to make them cranky) allows visitors to participate fully in the planetary game.The slanted ridges of these afghan squares represent the steep slopes of the mountains on Tellar Prime. The cat represents the camera hogs indigenous to the planet.
SFAC Afghan - Month 1
Surprise Mini-Mission: Organize your stash or make something to decorate your space.I am awaiting assignment to a new duty roster (as in, I’m between jobs at the moment), so I made this flower garland to decorate my new duty station when it gets assigned.
Flower garland
The Brig (for UFOs that turn into FOs)Although I’ve been knitting for years, I only got around to making my first sock a year ago. It sat around, lonely, unpaired, acting out because no one understood it, for a year. Until today!
My first pair of socks
Now it’s happy and can serve as a productive member of society with its partner.

Sock pattern from DROPS
Crocheted Flower Garland from Japanese book "Lace Best Crochet Motifs 238"

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