Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Whiteboard Jungle: The Clean Underwear Server Rule

Yesterday, I came to realize that the Clean Underwear Rule (you know, always wear clean underwear in case you're in an accident, which really makes no sense, because they probably wouldn't be all that pristine after an accident) needs an edit: always wear clean underwear and always configure all your servers in a clean, maintainable way, because if you're in an accident (or get fired/laid off/transferred/abducted by aliens/etc.), the person who ends up getting blessed with the responsibility of migrating those servers to a new location won't be faced with an undocumented, nuclear-fallout-zone, steaming-pile-of-horse-shit setup and thus will be saved from coming to the inevitable conclusion that you're either lazy, incompetent, or an idiot, or maybe even all three.

And if that person who gets to clean up your mess just happens to be me (and it's always me), you will be saved from worrying that she will also strongly consider making a voodoo doll dedicated to you.

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